Reel Pro Adjustable Fill Light Tripod for Creators

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180° Flexible Adjustment

Tricolor Temperature Control

Wide Angle Lighting

Vertical and Horizontal Support

Product Details


- Aluminum Alloy 


Color: Black


Weight: 1100 grams


Height adjustment: 25-45 cm


Color Temperature: 3300-5600 K


Power Supply: USB Port Power


Voltage: 5V


Output power: 12W


Line length: 1.5 meters


Phone Clip: 6-10 cm

What's Included

x1 Reel Pro Adjustable Fill Light Tripod for Creators
x1 Remote Control


- Android
- iOS


(phone clip is suitable for 6-10 cm)


What is the weight of the tripod?
The tripod weighs 1100 grams, making it sturdy yet easy to transport.


How do I adjust the light settings?
Use the key dimmer to adjust brightness and select from warm to cool colors with the controls.


Can the tripod support different phone sizes?
Yes, the phone clip is adjustable and suitable for phones ranging from 6 to 10 cm in width.


Is the tripod easy to set up?
Absolutely, setup is straightforward: extend, adjust the height, and power up.


How portable is the tripod?
Its lightweight design and compact structure make it highly portable.


What power source does the tripod use?
It operates with a USB power supply, ensuring you can use it anywhere with a USB port.

Important Information

How it Works:


Setup and Power:
- Connect it to a power source using the 1.5-meter USB cable. It operates at 5V with 12W output.


Lighting Control:
- The tripod has a 26cm light ring with 120 lamp beads, covered by a wide-angle 3D nano lampshade for uniform brightness.
- Adjust the light color temperature from 3300K to 5600K using the tricolor control and set the brightness with the key dimmer.


Phone Compatibility:
- Attach your smartphone (6 to 10 cm wide) using the phone clip. Compatible with both Android and iOS devices.
- The clip supports both vertical and horizontal clamping for flexible shooting angles.


Adjustability and Stability:
- The light ring and phone clip can be adjusted up to 180° for precise lighting direction.
- The tripod provides stable support and occupies minimal space, making it versatile for different environments.

  • 30 Day Moneyback Guarantee

  • 1 Year Warranty Included

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Transform your videos and photos with our adjustable tripod, designed to meet the dynamic needs of creators. This device allows you to easily manipulate lighting and angles, ensuring your content stands out.

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Create a professional studio setup anywhere with our tripod’s lightweight and portable design. Ideal for creators on the go, this tripod provides the stability and versatility needed to capture exceptional content in any setting.

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Adapt swiftly to any shooting scenario with our tripod’s user-friendly features, designed for both stability and flexibility. This tripod is your go-to tool for achieving perfect shots, enhancing every project with professional-level quality.

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