Creator Studio Phone & Tablet Stand

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Made for Creators

Turn any spot into your studio so you can create when inspiration hits!


Hit every angle with 360 degree rotation

Includes hands-free lights and remote

Create with your on-the-go studio, easily!

Create Like a Professional Influencer

Why Creator Studio?

Boost Engagement

Record stable, professional content that keeps viewers hooked.

Inspire and Impress

Great content attracts sponsorships and collaborations.

Create Like a Pro

Perfect angles and lighting for high-quality, captivating content.

Turn Passion into Profession

With the right tools, you’ll be ready when your big moment comes.

Product Details

- Aluminum Alloy
- Zinc Alloy
- ABS Rubber
- Black
- White 

Weight: 2,400 gramsHeight: 25.5 to 65 inches
Unfold size: 300x190x1350mm    
Overhead Shot Length: 420-1140mm

What's Included

x1 Creator Studio Phone & Tablet Stand
x2 Fill Lights
x1 Remote Control


Phone Holder: 2.3" - 4"
Tablet Holder: 5.5" - 8.5"


How do I switch between phone and tablet mode?
Press and hold the buttons on the holder, then pull the clip out to switch from phone to tablet mode.


Is the stand stable enough for overhead recording?
Yes, the stand's heavy and large base, along with silicone rubber pads, ensures stability for overhead recording.


Can I add additional lighting to the stand?
Yes, you can easily add up to 2 fill lights to the device's clamp for better lighting. 


What devices are compatible with the stand?
The stand is compatible with phones (2.3" - 4") and tablets (5.5" - 8.5").


How adjustable is the stand?
The stand can bend, twist, and stretch up to 65", with 360-degree rotation and 720-degree tilt and clamp rotation.

 Is the stand easy to set up and use?
Yes, the stand is user-friendly. Simply tighten the screw and extend the aluminum rod to your desired height.

Important Information

Device Clamp:
Press and hold the buttons on the upper left and lower right of the holder with your fingers, and pull the clip out in one go. You can switch the clip from phone mode to tablet mode. 

Tighten the screw then extend the aluminum rod

  • 30 Day Moneyback Guarantee

  • 1 Year Warranty Included

Make Your Content Stand Out!

Any Angle, Any Time

Setup your on-the-go creator studio in minutes so you can create when your ideas are fresh. And with a full 360-degree angle, you’ll be able to record what you want, without any restrictions.

360-degree rotation

Fully-adjustable height

Great for phones, tablets and more!

Durably Designed. Made to Last.

We only use durable, high-quality materials to design our on-the-go creator studio. That means having reliable support from its heavy duty base and clear shots with our anti-shake silicone rubber pads. That means having optimal security for every session!

Heavy duty base you can trust

Anti-shake pads that secure the perfect shot

Secure device positioning for reliable results

The Studio That Adapts to You

Bend, twist and extend your on-the-go creator studio up to 65” for the flexibility you’ll need to get the perfect shot, every time. Everything from angles to lighting are up to you, with highly-durable products that keep your devices stable and secure.

Bends, twists and adjusts

Extends up to 65”

Holds phones, tablets and more!

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