DashGrip Magnetic Car Phone Holder with Adjustable Stand

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Secure, Foldable, Minimal

360° Rotation

Slimline Design

Made for MagSafe

Why DashGrip?

Safer Driving

Keeps your phone within easy reach.

More Viewing Angles

Optimal positioning for safer navigation.

Reliable Hold 

Ensures your phone stays secure.

Product Details


-Zinc Alloy

-N52 Magnet




Weight: 85 grams

Product Dimensions: 58 x 58 x 20 mm

What's Included

x1 DashGrip Magnetic Car Phone Holder with Adjustable Stand


iPhone Series:

-15, 15 Pro/Pro Max/Plus

-14, 14 Pro/Pro Max/Plus

-13, 13 Pro/Pro Max/Mini

-12, 12 Pro/Pro Max/Mini


-Any mobile phones with MagSafe cases or magnetizing rings


How to install?

Clean surface, attach base, allow 24h set.

Is it compatible with my phone?

Fits all phones with built-in magnets or MagSafe cases.

How strong is the magnet?

N52 magnet for maximum hold.

Can I adjust the angle?

Yes, 360° rotation and adjustable height.


Will it damage my dashboard?

Uses 3M tape for secure, damage-free mounting.

Installation Guide

Before installing, ensure the surface is free from dust and stains and completely dry. Next, remove the protective film from the base that will be attached to the dashboard. Press down firmly several times to secure it in place. Allow it to set for 24 hours before use.

  • 30 Day Moneyback Guarantee

  • 1 Year Warranty Included

Your New Road Companion

Seamless Integration

DashGrip seamlessly blends into your driving routine, offering a hands-free solution that enhances safety and convenience. Its sleek design, coupled with robust materials like zinc alloy and a strong N52 magnet, ensures durability and a premium feel. Compatible with a wide range of devices, it's the perfect addition to any vehicle.

Enhances Safety

Hands-free Convenience

Premium Quality, Lasting Durability

Crafted with zinc alloy and equipped with a powerful N52 magnet, DashGrip stands out for its premium quality and durability. This holder is built to last, resisting daily wear and tear while maintaining its elegant appearance. Experience the blend of functionality and style that elevates your vehicle's interior.

Powerful N52 Magnet

Functional and Stylish

The Ultimate Driving Accessory

Make every journey unforgettable with DashGrip. Its innovative design not only secures your device but also offers the flexibility to view your screen from any angle. Whether you're navigating busy streets or on a long road trip, DashGrip provides the reliability and ease you need. It's the driving accessory that keeps you focused on the road ahead.

Any Angle Viewing

Road Trip Ready

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