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Double Shatter Proof Protection | Super Slim


Easy to Install


Dust Proof

Phone Case Friendly

Easy to Install


Dust Proof

Phone Case Friendly

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Product Information

Product Information


- Tempered Glass

- 3M Adhesive

Weight: 18 grams

Colors: Transparent

Thickness: 0.33 m

Hardness: 9H Tempered Glass Film

What's Included

x1 Camera Lens Protector for iPhone

x1 Cleaning Kit


- 15 Pro Max

- 15 Pro

- 15 Plus

- 15

- 14 Pro Max

- 14 Pro

- 14 Plus

- 14

- 13 Pro Max

- 13 Pro

- 13 mini

- 13

- 12 Pro Max

- 12 Pro

- 12 mini

- 12

- 11 Pro Max

- 11 Pro

- 11


How does the lens protector maintain screen clarity?

Our lens protector is meticulously engineered using advanced high-transparent tempered glass, ensuring that it maintains your iPhone's camera's HD clarity. This precision ensures that your photos and videos retain their vibrant colors and sharp details, just as if the protector wasn't there at all. By balancing robust protection with crystal-clear transparency, your camera's performance remains impeccable, capturing every moment in its true essence.

Is the installation process user-friendly?

Absolutely, we've designed our lens protector for straightforward, hassle-free installation. Each package includes a user-friendly installation kit, complete with detailed instructions and tools to ensure a perfect, bubble-free application. The process is so simple that it requires no professional help, allowing you to secure your iPhone's camera lens within minutes. This ease of installation ensures that your device is protected faster, without any stress or worry.

Can the lens protector fit with any phone case?

Yes, our camera lens protector is crafted to be universally compatible with all phone cases designed for iPhone models. Its slim profile and precise cut ensure that it fits seamlessly under any case, providing protection without any interference. This compatibility allows you to choose your preferred case for additional protection or style, without compromising the safety and integrity of your iPhone's camera lens.

Will the lens protector resist fingerprints and smudges?

Indeed, our lens protector features an advanced oleophobic coating that effectively repels fingerprints, oils, and smudges. This innovative technology ensures that your iPhone's camera lens remains clean and clear, enhancing your photography experience by reducing the need for frequent cleaning. The oleophobic coating not only preserves the high-quality visual performance of your camera but also simplifies maintenance, allowing you to focus more on capturing beautiful moments rather than cleaning your lens.

Does the lens protector cover the entire area of the camera?

Our camera lens protector is specifically designed to provide full coverage protection for your iPhone's camera area. It is precisely cut to cover the entire lens surface, ensuring comprehensive protection against scratches, dust, and impacts. This full coverage design is crucial for maintaining the camera's functionality and image quality, safeguarding your device while keeping its photographic capabilities unhindered. With our protector, every corner of your camera lens is shielded, giving you peace of mind in every shot you take.

How effective is the protector against drops and impacts?

Engineered with double shatterproof protection, our lens protector is exceptionally resilient against drops and impacts. The tempered glass construction, rated at 9H hardness, offers superior durability and impact resistance, significantly reducing the risk of damage from accidental drops or bumps. This robust protection layer acts as a safeguard for your iPhone's camera lens, ensuring that it remains unscathed in various conditions. Trust our lens protector to provide your device with the ultimate defense against the unexpected.

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Protection Meets Clarity
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Protection Meets Clarity
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Unmatched Clarity, Superior Protection
Elevate your iPhone's camera experience with our lens protector, where cutting-edge technology meets robust protection. Crafted to preserve the pristine clarity of your iPhone's lens while guarding against scratches and dust, our product ensures your memories are captured with unparalleled sharpness. Embrace the peace of mind that comes from knowing each shot is protected by our advanced, invisible shield. Capture the world in its full glory, without compromise.
  • Invisible Protection

  • Scratch Resistant

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Precision Crafted, Flawlessly Functional

Discover the perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality with our camera lens protector, meticulously designed for your iPhone. This ultra-thin protector not only ensures your device remains sleek and stylish but also enhances its durability with a smudge-resistant oleophobic coating. The protector's superior materials and precise engineering protect your camera without altering its high-quality captures, making it an indispensable addition to your iPhone's arsenal.
  • Ultra-Thin Design

  • Smudge-Resistant Coating

bolthome on bedside nightstand with customer review
bolthome on bedside nightstand with customer review
bolthome on bedside nightstand with customer review

Peak Clarity Meets Ultimate Defense

Our lens protector is a testament to the harmony between protection and clarity. Engineered with 9H hardness tempered glass, it withstands scratches, dust, and impacts, while preserving the high-definition clarity of your iPhone’s camera. The added camera flash black circle ensures no photo is compromised. It’s not just a protector; it’s an upgrade to your iPhone’s resilience, ensuring that every moment captured is as vivid and clear as intended.
  • 9H Hardness Protection

  • Scratch and Impact Resistant

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