Swivel Laptop Stand 360

You save 31%

Enhanced Stability

360° Adjustable

Anti-Slip Design

Durable Metal Build


Product Details


- Aluminum

- Silicone



- Grey


Weight: 800 grams


Product Size:


- Panel Width: 26 cm

- Base Width: 23.8 cm


- High: 19 cm

- Low: 4.2 cm

What's Included

x1 Swivel Laptop Stand 360


All laptops and tablets with 9 to 17.3 inches

More Info


- H-type design makes it more stable

- Made of robust and heavy metal

- 360 °rotation, can be used at any angle

- Solid rust-proof metal tablet holder

- Anti Slip

- Anti-shake

- Aluminum Alloy Panel

- Double Shaft Stepless Adjustment

- Open design for heat dissipation

  • 30 Day Moneyback Guarantee

  • 1 Year Warranty Included

Revolutionize Your Desk

Elevate your workspace to the next level with the Aluminum Swivel Laptop Stand 360. Experience unparalleled flexibility with its 360° rotation, allowing for the perfect viewing angle at all times. Its sleek aluminum design not only enhances your desk's aesthetic but also promotes better ergonomics for a more comfortable workday.

360° Swivel

Enhanced Productivity

Seamless Efficiency

Discover the epitome of efficiency with our Aluminum Swivel Laptop Stand 360. Its innovative H-type design and double shaft stepless adjustment ensure your laptop remains stable and adjustable to any viewing angle, enhancing your productivity. The open design facilitates optimal heat dissipation, keeping your device cool during long work sessions.

Anti-slip Pads

Heat Dissipation

Ergonomic Design, Effortless Comfort

This laptop stand is meticulously engineered to promote an ergonomic workspace, reducing neck strain and enhancing posture. Its adjustable height and angle ensure that you can find the perfect position for long hours of work or study without discomfort. Embrace a healthier work lifestyle with our stand that blends seamlessly into any workspace, proving that comfort and design can coexist beautifully.

Reduces Neck Strain

Adjustable Height & Angle

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